mullet fail

The Wig

A Tribute to the Mullet Wig.

bounty hunter wig

the mullet wig

missouri mullet wig

Mullet Wig Girl

When you need a Mullet on demand, a wig is a good way to go.

Business in the front

If he’s this serious about ‘Business in the front’ …

Mullet Sign

mullet tip sign

See they think this is a punishment, but in reality this is equal to a bell ringing! (you know, cuz of the wings)

Laughing Mullet Lady

Laughing mullet lady

Hahahahaha, that was funny.

Mullet Mart

People of mullet mart

‘People Of Mullet-Mart’ – Man, I should open one of those.

Mullet Mart

Mullet Nose

Check out the Mullet Nose

Where am I?



So, How was that job interview?

Mullet Sighting - Skullet