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Curly On Top

Straight in the back.


Righteous Dude


\nrighteous mullet dude

Pinewood Derby Mullet

This is awesome for two reasons.


1 – The mullet.


2 – He won first place in a pinewood derby competition! Hell Yes! I won 3rd place once and I STILL have the trophy.

\npinewood derby mullet sighting

Walmart Sighting

Another Walmart sighting from here in Missouri.


missouri walmart mullet


Mullet … or?

mullet sighting at walmart\n

… or Lion?

Subway Mullet

Subway (in Wal Mart) Mullet Sighting

\nPeople of walmart mullet sighting\n\n \n\nSubmitted by: Simoriah

Mushroom Girl

Not really sure what is going on here.


mullet mushroom