Mushroom Girl

Not really sure what is going on here.


mullet mushroom

Raccoon Hat

For comparison sake


raccoon hat

\nRacoon hat / Mullet

Creepy Man With Baby

Ok, so maybe he’s the dad, but he’s still friggin creepy.


awkward family photos mullet


The Wig

A Tribute to the Mullet Wig.

\nbounty hunter wig\n\nthe mullet wig\n\nmissouri mullet wig\n\nMullet Wig Girl\n

When you need a Mullet on demand, a wig is a good way to go.

Matt’s Mullet

Leading by example.


Take a good look folks. Now go forth and build an army (of mullets)!

\nmatts mullet\n

\n \n\nSubmitted by:  Matt\n\n \n\nRemember to send your Mullet Sightings to – [email protected]

Business in the front


If he’s this serious about ‘Business in the front’ …

Mullet Sign

mullet tip sign\n

See they think this is a punishment, but in reality this is equal to a bell ringing! (you know, cuz of the wings)