New Years Eve Tradition

How do you celebrate New Years? – I have a tradition that may seem a little silly, but I like it. (keep reading)


Ok that’s not quite a mullet, I know, but it leads into what my tradition is … And its funny.



I’m a huge fan of  “When Harry met Sally”, who isn’t? For me its one of those movies that I need to watch at least once a year, and usually on new years eve. But here’s the twist, if you start When Harry Met Sally at exactly 10:30:34 (thats 10:30 and 34 seconds) then at the second new years eve party in the movie (because there are two) the in movie countdown will happen with the real life countdown. – Woot!


So, dig out ur When Harry Met Sally dvd, or go buy one, and get ur Meg Ryan on for this New Years. – “I’ll Have What She’s Having” (you know, the lady who said that is Rob Reiner’s mom)

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