Lady In Orange (And Her Man)

Nice! First submission since putting the site back up, thank you Lauren!


Tourist mullet on the docks


Tourist mullet on the docks

Uhhh What?

 Well, at least the pizza is only $5 bucks.

mullet bowl cut

Branson Mcdonalds

Someone I met at the Branson West McDonalds on our way to SDC.

Very proud of his Mullet :)

2013-12-29 13.16.58

Team Mullet


Submitted by: Greg


Now this lady is dedicated to her Mullet.

Submitted by: Kevin and Austin


This guy looks like he’s pretty excited about about his mullet.

excited mullet

Blond Mullet

A freshly cut blond mullet

ready to take over the world

Lookin good.